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Downloaded playlists "Waiting..." indefinitely despite working internet connection.

Downloaded playlists "Waiting..." indefinitely despite working internet connection.

Plan - Premium

Country - Australia


Device - MacBook Air

Operating System - High Sierra


Two 1000+ track playlists toggled to download are eternally waiting to download a few tracks. It had no issue with hundreds of others so I'm assuming it's a single track that's bugged and causing the downloading to discontinue. I've tried switching to offline mode and deleting blacked out tracks, but this hasn't fixed the problem and they're hard to find with no way of sorting between available and unavailable tracks. Please help!



1 Reply

Tried toggling off "show unavailable songs in playlists" and moving everything left to a new playlists then downloading that. It's even worse. Now it stops downloading with 241 songs left. The "Downloading x of y..." bar keeps disappearing and reappearing with x decreased by 1.

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