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Exclusively Unavailable Features

Exclusively Unavailable Features

The folks over at Spotify are 100% dedicated the satisfaction of their customers, and as such have lovingly removed the following features from their Mac OS client.


- You used to be able to click on the album art thumbnail of the currently playing track and that track would instantly be highlighted in the playlist window. But Spotify know that customers don't want that anymore, so now, if you want to find where the currently playing track is in your playlist, you have to manually scroll to that track position in the playlist.


- While in a playlist, you used to be able to press a key on the keyboard and instantly be taken to the first artist, listed alphabetically, starting with that letter. Spotify know that you don't want to be able to quickly navigate through large playlists, and that you'd rather have to manually scroll through the playlists until you find the artist you're looking for, so that feature has been removed.


- You used to be able to contain multiple playlists inside a playlist folder, and with that folder selected, the tracks of every playlist contained within it would be listed in one long, combined playlist. Spotify are aware that customers don't like being able to organise their music in such a way, so this feature has been removed.


- You used to be able to start a new playlist within a folder by clicking on a track, selecting "Add to Playlist", navigating to within the folder you wanted the playlist to be created and selecting "New Playlist". Spotify are aware that we're all jus far too stupid to be able to cope with such a function, and it has been removed. From now on, for your own good, you will have to create a new playlist in the root directory and then manually move it to within the desired folder afterwards.


- Premium customers used to be able to sync playlists containing a mix of spotify tracks and local tracks to their iOS devices and then be able to play those playlists from their iOS devices, in offline mode. Spotify are aware that actually users are unhappy with this level of reliability. So now this feature has been drastically redesigned in such a way that both your iOS device and your Mac OS client will indicate to you that all tracks have been synced and as such are available 'offline', when in fact they actually aren't. Creating the much desired effect of attempting to play a track and being met with complete silence.


- Spotify's ability to collect their monthly subscription fee has remained undamaged.

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I agree! And I'm also still waiting since several years for a way to select/move/delete multiple playlists at once! I have hundreds of playlists and it's painful.


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