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Anybody know how to export a playlist to an Excel spreadsheet? When i do the simple cut and paste, it copies all the info, but it isnt seperated into two columns, by song and artist (or album). Its just one line, so basically need to edit each one, which means it would be faster to type it all.


I am trying to back up all my lists but want them in proper form.


Anybody know how to help?


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There's also a webapp that I developed that works with the spotify api: joellehman.com/playlist/index.html


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Thank you Andrew for this solution, I needed a way to get the list metadata from the cache files (links) that copies over from spotify into excel and this worked like a charm!  I tried doing the unitext code but it didn't work because of the date of the solution post is before the new updated version of the software.


Anyway thanks again.



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another csv export link it is quite nice


code on github


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Unfortunately, I'm still wondering the same thing. How are you using the copy/paste feature?

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I developed a new app last week to export some playlists on flat file (CSV); then you can read it by Excel for example.

You'll find more details here: export to text

So, it's in french but you just have to download the zip file, unzip it to your <My documents>/Spotify, run Spotify and execute this command: spotify:app:exportcsv


That's it.

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You can drag and drop your playlists into Excel, just selct all and drag to an open Excel spreadsheet. You will be creating direct links to the Spotify track


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I came here looking for an export option to maintain a list of all songs in my spotify.. found this thread. Here is a solution. A few extra steps, but it works without additional software/apps etc.


Drag and drop all songs in playlist into excel (or CTRL+A, CTRL+C, CTRL+V)

Save the excel file as a text file. (Save As > Unicode text)

Open the text file in Word or notepad

In Word, on the home tab, click Replace. Replace all instances of — with a comma. (you may have to copy and paste the —)

   Or, in Notepad, click the Edit menu, and choose Replace. Replace all instances of — with a comma. (you may have to copy and paste the —)

Save the file (maintain the .txt format).


Open Excel, and open the text file you created above.

Select the first column

On the Data tab, find "Text to columns"

A new wizard appears.

Choose Delimited

Be sure to choose comma as your delimiter because it is what we used to separate the song from the artist (in notepad).

Finish the wizard and save your newly created list as an excel format (or whatever you wish)


The problem here is the character used to separate the song title from the artist (which is a —). In Word, if you use two dashes, Word formats the two and consolidates them into one long dash. This character isn't recognized in Excel, along with many other characters for different reasons. When we convert all instances of that long dash into something excel can recognize, the Text-to-Column feature is a huge time-saver. Maybe they will develop a better choice or simply provide a user-friendly export option.


Hope this helped at least a couple people, but i can help more if needed.

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I would like to do this too. I have tried the copy paste method but it's only good for the titile.  I want the title and times, not just the title. 


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In case it's of help -


If you select all the songs in Spotify then drag them into an Excel document, it gives you all the songs in this format:

Artist – Track


Want to split them out into Artist and Track in different columns? No problem, assuming you have everything in the first column (A), paste this in the second (B) column on the first row:

=LEFT(A1,FIND(" – ",A1))


This will give you just the Artist name in that column. To get the Track name paste this in the 3rd (C) column on first row:




You can then copy/paste (or double click the black box lower right edge) so these are next to all the tracks in the first column. Now you have 3 columns, the original combined column as links, the Artist in column 2, the Track in column 3.



If you want to stop the original list being links to the track in spotify you have a few options. You can select them all (Ctrl + A) and then Cut them (Ctrl + X), right click -> Paste special -> Values. On newer Excel you can click Clear in the Editing section on the 'Ribbon' interface and pick Clear formats. 

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Much easier to use text to column.


Import/copy to excel


Select column a


click tab 'data'


click text to columns  Highlight fixedwidth   click next double click arrows not required ( leave one arrow either side of dash then click filish



Job nearly done.


you end up with 3 columns artist dash and title so select dash column and delete 2 columns artist and title takes about 30 seconds.


Now next question how do you get album and track time into excel???????



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Andrew, you can see the simple solution in


{link removed by Community Moderator}


is a simple and functional application


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There's also a webapp that I developed that works with the spotify api: joellehman.com/playlist/index.html