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Flooding detected? Nonsense it was my one and only post

Flooding detected? Nonsense it was my one and only post

OK. I was writing to add my complaint for inability to share a song and voting for sharing feature to be added back to Mac Desktop Spotify.


It asked me to sign in which I did throuogh FB. It then said "Flooding detected" and advised to try again later. Given that this was only and first post here there was no flooding. Also it said "go back to original page" thinking it would take me to the post I had written. NOPE. Brought me back to the page before I wrote a post losing the post.


This is pretty lame on all counts. Removing the sharing feature, which generated a Spotify specific link (meaning Spotify only benefited from shares), is a dissappointing choice. Accusing me of flooding the server on my only post in insulting, inaccurate, and misleading since it obviously meant something other than what it said. Lastly, offering to return to a page implies to me "the page you just spend time to type in" and then discarding the post in an unrecoverable way is not expected behavior and disrespectful to someone who took the time to provide feedback. Now I see something about autosave on this post but I didn't know the page may have been saved or how to access that. I clicked return to the page. That is how I expected to try again later. Argh.


For the record, I love spotify and wanted to provide constructive feedback. Now I'm angry. That's probably not what you're shootig for on a support page.


Let's add a new complaint. Went to submit this page. After clicking I am not a robot and pressing post, it said "verification failed." How could it fail? All it asked is for me to click I am not a robot which I did. I brought up (and still hasn't) any addition actions. So it asked me to check a box and I did. But apparently I am a robot for doing so???

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