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Friend Activity not working after new Mac interface update.

Friend Activity not working after new Mac interface update.

No matter whether Friend Activity is toggled on or off in settings in this new update, the Friend Activity will not appear. I have tried quitting and restarting the app, as well as restarting my computer. This new update is full of glitches and was not ready for implementation. Namely, the new left panel library is flat out bad design --- album cover artwork no longer aligns with the right panel border and also glitches --- the whole thing looks very awkward, unprofessional, and unfinished. The feng shui is OFF. Please fix these simple sloppy design blunders before rolling out entire new interfaces! I am all for positive changes, but not clearly under-tested ones... Please make it function



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Update... it works now, sometimes, but still have to quit the app sometimes after toggling Friend Feed on/off to make it work. The new desktop Mac app has a mind of its own... Spotify developers, please stop releasing updates before they are ready! The practice of sloppy development has plagued Spotify since I can remember. It's unprofessional. Please keep in mind customers pay good money for Spotify premium and deserve access to an app that is functional. If there are periods of time where the app is not functional, then our payments should be paused. Please please please stop updating the app for no apparent improvement reasons. 

I'm having this issue after the most recent August 2023 update (Spotify for macOS (Apple Silicon) 

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