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Friend activity feed/stream suggestions after latest version (

Friend activity feed/stream suggestions after latest version (

I have a couple of issue with the new activity feed:


1) Most of the time, you can't even see the artist name that people are listening to. This is mostly due to the fact that it is pushed off the screen when the song title is more than a couple of words long. I understand that you can hover over it for a tool tip, but this is inconvenient. Can't the artist name just be broken out on its own line below the song title?


2) I'm a much bigger fan of the album art shown as an icon, rather than the user's avatar. Displaying the user's name on a separate line was better IMO


3) After this latest update, my feed seems to get frozen after using it for 20 or so minutes. At this point, I will just see the same stuff all day long. It doesn't refresh. If i close the application and re-open, then i see all new stuff. Please fix this.

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