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Friend feed is not working

Friend feed is not working




 New Zealand


(Macbook pro, 13-inch, 2017)

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? unsure how to find this out ?




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hello, my friend feed one day has just stopped working and have been trying to find a solution all week. i have tried restarting my macbook, reinstalling spotify, eding host files (nothing seemed to work with that). i would appreciate the help of anyone that has a solution. thanks - kat

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Hey @kat12378! Welcome to the Spotify Community. ^^


I'm sorry that your friend feed isn't working.

But please note that this issue is already under investigation.

Be sure to check this ongoing issues thread out for more instructions and details about it.


Let me know how it goes! ^^


hey! i did everything you said and nothing worked, went to sleep turned my macbook on and it staarted working again! very weird.. but i'm glad its fixed. 

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