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Friend feed not updating

Friend feed not updating



My friend feed hasn't been updating for a long time now on my mac. I've been running MacOS 10.14.2 (Mojave) and this issue has been here for like a few weeks already.

When I look at my friend feed, I see the last songs my friends have listened to, but when I look closer I see that they listened to that song like 24 hours ago. It doesn't refresh anymore. However, when I quit the spotify app and reopen it (not just close the window but quit the program) it refreshes again for a limited of time.


Is there someone who could help? It would be greatly appreciated!


Thank you so much



Oh en by the way: yes I have already uninstalled and reset and all the other stuff 😉

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Hey there, 


I believe I've had a similar issue myself, although I don't recall coming across any one solution. Is your account still synced up with your facebook profile? 

@Ortenzio yeah it is! I really don't know what to do to get it fixed...

Hey everyone, @Ortenzio!


The problem got fixed on my end. I think Spotify sent out an update or something. I hope your issue was fixed as well now!


Have a great day!


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