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Friends Feed (Mac OS-X Desktop) "Timing Out"

Friends Feed (Mac OS-X Desktop) "Timing Out"


Premium (Family)


 United States of America


MacBook Pro, Late 2016 (15", with TouchBar)

Operating System

Mac OSX Mojave


My Question or Issue

 Whenever I leave Spotify open for more than a few hours, my friends feed automatically stops refreshing. I'm usually even listening to music when it stops refreshing, but when I look at Friend Activity, people aren't listening to music currently. This is not something where nobody is listening to music; I have quite a few followers and close friends I follow, almost to the point where people are listening to music all throughout the day and almost till 2AM. Whenever this happens, I fully quit (Cmd+Q) Spotify and reopen it, and lo and behold, people are listening to music again. This is becoming bothersome since I enjoy the Friend Feed and reopening the app interrupts the music I'm listening to. Any solutions? I hope I'm not the only one with this issue.

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