Friends can't see my activity

Friends can't see my activity


For two weeks now, no-one of my friends can see my activity. I've been listening daily, but still no change in my activity feed. 


My settings are just fine, no 'private session' or something in that matter, it just stopped showing my activity from one day to another. 


I've tried removing the app, and back installing it, and so on...


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I have the same issue and its only happened recently I got no idea whats going on 


I have a couple of friends who are daily Spotify users and I, too, can no longer see any of their activity while using Spotify on my Mac.  This appears to be a widespread problem that started only few weeks ago.


I have the same issue that's been going on for 2.5 weeks now! Already contact spotify representative, uninstall and install back the app, unfollow and follow my friends but nothing change.


I've been having the same problem for a few weeks now as well. Ironically just after reading your post I opened Spotify on Mac and I finally saw one of my friend's activitiy which had disappeared for weeks.  I don't know if this is a fluke or if this is evidence that perhaps Spotify has addressed this problem.  I'll just have to keep an eye out and see it goes.


So my friends finally appeared in the right hand Friend Activity sidebar so I was thinking the problem might have been resolved. That was premature speculation on my part. Although two of my friends who reliably listen to Spotify on a daily basis finally reappeared on the Friend Activity sidebar it's showing as if they have not listened to any tracks for the last two days. I'm certain that is inaccurate.


So I guess it's good that the names of my friends finally popped again whereas before their names had completely disappeared but the Spotify Desktop Client is still not accurately relaying their activity.  In short, the problem has not been fixed.


My latest experience with this problem is that once again my friends' names have disappearred completely from the Friend Activity right hand sidebar. Basically the problem for me is "back to square one" as they say.


In short the problem, weeks later, still has not been fixed. 

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