Friends with Similar Taste in Music


Friends with Similar Taste in Music

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Friend activity as-is is relatively useless (IMO). The feature hasn't changed in years and still resembles a basic exercise and showcase of interaction w/ the Facbook API.


That being said, there is a real opportunity being lost to further encourage socialization and music discovery. I would suggest there be a way to view/filter/find friends with similar taste in music and either a) be able to view a list of songs they listened to that determined this qualification or b) listen to a "radio" station of their songs that met the prerequisite of "similar".


This forum is a useful tool, but I doubt this feature will be implemented and I would be pleasantly if it is. In any case, even if the feature isn't implemented I would still ask a couple questions from a product/development perspective:


- Are users actively using the current "Friend Activity" feature?

- Is there any metric being captured or recorded to determine whether users are actively using the "Friend Activity" feature?

- If  the answer to either of the above questions is indeterminate or false, why is Spotify carrying around a dead feature in it's mainline product and incurring the maintenance and development cost associated with it?



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Hey @taicho, welcome to the Community.

Hope you're doing great!

Thanks for the feedback!

I had the same idea a couple of years ago, submitted it but it was marked as a duplicate because someone deemed it similar to the Inbox feature.


I'd still encourage you to submit it, things change over time. 

You can do that here:


Let me know if you need more help 🙂

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