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Glitch when I play songs on my Mac - What do I do? Uninstall?

Glitch when I play songs on my Mac - What do I do? Uninstall?

I've been playing songs on my Mac on spotify and there is always a glitch. The sound on my computer is fine - it doesn't happen when I watch videos or YouTube.

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Hey there @jshelley1,

Thanks for posting in the Community!

Can you elaborate a bit more on that glitch that you're experiencing on your Mac, so we can advise you better? As you suggest, a valid and often helpful first troubleshooting step is to do a reinstall of your app. However we'd recommend doing the so called clean reinstall of the app (see linked page for instructions about Mac), as this is more thorough than the normal one and ensures that no cached data will cause interference with the new installation of your app. See if this will make a difference for you.

If this doesn't help, please return to us with a short video of the experience, as well as full details about your Mac device (model and OS version) and also the exact Spotify version you have on.  This info will be useful for us to try replicate the situation and further investigate the matter.

Hope this helps. Let us know how you get on.

Kiril Moderator
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