Heart icon disappears when selecting song


Heart icon disappears when selecting song


Brief description of the issue: Filled heart icon becomes unfilled when song is selected.


I have lots of songs in large playlists (up to 3000). To be able to discover new music all those songs are added to the liked songs with right-click 'Save to your liked songs'. That way, when I browse the daily mixes or the discover weekly etc I easily see the songs that aren't in a playlist yet because their heart icon is hollow. 

Since some time, don't know for sure if it's after an update or after a certain number of liked songs the heart icons started acting weird. 

With weird I mean they change upon selecting a slong to start playing. 

See screenshots before and after starting a song.

With the heart icons disappearing it's really hard to discover new music. Lots of the songs are already in one of the playlists so when I want to add them I get the 'Duplicate song' warning.


What steps you’ve tried already:

Your device and operating system (e.g. MacBook Air, 10.10 OSX): Mac OS X 10.13.6

Type of Spotify account you have (Free/ Premium): Premium

The app version of Spotify you’re using:


Any screenshots, if they can help to explain your issue:

Sorry screenshots are displayed reversed, can't seem to get them in the right order. The one with the hearts filled is before playing a song.


2. after.png
1. before.png