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I'm having the exact same problem.  Plenty of friends on Spotify that have facebook linked that I can't find.  It's acting like I have zero.

A good friend of mine is trying to add me right now, and me him.  But we can't.  








What can I do to see the suggestions again, or to be able to find any friends at all?

the funniest thing, is that when I click on SHARE song, I type a friend's name and I can see all my facebook friends with that name (i.e Mike, I see all the Mikes) is kind of weird.[/quote]


Yes!  This is happening to me as well.  At least this is a very common issue.  Hope a solution is found soon, though this thread dates back a ways.  :(

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I am also having this issue and have emailed Spotify via their contact form (no answer yet but it was only yesterday.)  Pretty annoying that they would ditch the 'Friends' menu on the Android app (which happened after an update yesterday) when there's a known issue with missing friends.  


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I might have a "solution", even if it is not the best one...


So after my last post some weeks ago, I contacted directly the customer service via and wrote exactly the same I wrote in this forum. Very fast, a lady from the staff, very helpful and friendly told me what could be done (reconnect with facebook, some steps). None of them worked...


In the end they had to delete my old account and create a new one, importing my old playlists. Problem: your followers and following disappear, which can be pretty annoying if you have a big amount (I just had 11 so not a big real problem).


After this I could log normally into Facebook and connect it with Spotify (she gave me all the steps, again, very helpful) and EUREKA, it worked. Now I can see all my friends.


BUT, and this is what I now know... We might have all done the same mistake. Spotify suggests you to follow this or that friend when you start. Maybe in that moment, you don't feel like following so you just click on the (x) beside it and then...WRONG!!! YOU WILL NEVER SEE THIS FRIEND AGAIN. Can't they just create an option like "later or postpone"? (whatever they feel nicer!)


I remember I did this with my old account (I followed the very close friends at the very beginning and then clicked the (x) on the others just as a "maybe I will do it another day"...but with that, I completely deleted them from my friends view. And that's my point of view.

I tried, to check if this is true, to be on the safe side, and with the new account clicked the (x) beside the suggestion of a not very close friend. And as I said: I don't see this friend anymore.


Can this just be solved, so we don't have to create new accounts??? It is a bit annoying...

Hope this helps!


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n of the suggestions for sending music to friend here work. Have tried to send to friends who are on FB and those who are not, the search just say name not found..... It is becoming maddeningly frustrating and I am getting nowhere. 

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Hi, so I dont have any friends available under my follow tab. I have tried connecting to facebook but I am not sure it is connecting properly either :S

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Hi Peter!


Can you please highlight this problem many people seems to have..we cant find people on spotify..and i left facebook a while ago to






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I'm hitting fallow all and it's not following anyone

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Having the same problem is it possible for you to fix my account as well?

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I don't understand Peter, what was the solution? I still cannot find friends through the search feature. Some come up, but most don't, and I had not clicked the littled "x" next to their name because these users weren't using spotify when I first created my account some years ago when it first hit US.




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Casual Listener

I've got friends that don't have facebook but have Spotify, is there anyway to find them and follow them? I've tried to search for them but nothing comes up, why is it we can only follow people who have facebook and is your friend?