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Helpless - "Spotify can't play this right now."

Helpless - "Spotify can't play this right now."

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(Macbook pro)

Operating System

(OSX 10.13.6)


My Question or Issue

I suddenly have an issue with playback. One or two songs are playable but all others play a second and skip to the next song. The message "Spotify can't play this right now. If you have the file on your computer you can import it." appears after a few skips.


Troubleshooting conducted thus far:

1) Reviewed Spotify forums and deleted cache (and entire Spotify folder under Application support)

2) Removed Spotify

3) Restarted machine

4) Reinstalled Spotify


Same issue. Only change (relatively recently) was an update to 10.13.6. Daily listener and frustrated I am suddenly having issues.

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Hey @Wingedmind.


Thanks for getting in touch!


We are aware of an issue with the app and are currently investigating it. Feel free to contribute in this topic where we gather information from affected users and keep everybody up-to-date. We'll get this sorted as soon as possible.


Sorry for the inconvenience. Let us know if you have further questions.


Have a nice day!

I do not see a resolution after two weeks. This is a Spotify issue and all threads appear to be generic in the response. I am surprised at the lack of support. Is there a troubleshooting guide specifically on this issue for Macs?

Hey there @Wingedmind,


Thanks for getting back in touch!


We really appreaciate your patience so far. Our tech teams are still looking into this. If you haven't already, we'd recommend adding your +VOTE and a comment with the requested information. We'll keep you updated on any news we have there.


On another note, if you haven't already, we'd suggest giving a try to the steps provided in this Spotify Answer, including checking your hosts files.


Further, it'd be helpful if you could give it another try using a different network connection. If that does the trick, we recommend contacting the service provider of the original network for more information. In addition, if you use a firewall, you can make sure that it has Spotify set as an exception.


Let us know how you get on! We'll be right here if there's anything else we can help with.


Have a lovely day 🙂

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