Hiding activity: does not work


Hiding activity: does not work


I would like to hide my activity on Spotify.  Specifically, I do not want people to see what I'm listening to, even when they are not following me. 


I went to preferences and unchecked:

"share my activity and what I listen to with my followers on Spotify"

"share my activity and what I listen to on Facebook"

"automatically make new playlists public"

"make my top tracks playlist public"

"show the top artists I have been listening to".


My husband has a separate Spotify subscription and he is not following me.  When he logs in to his account on his iMac, and goes to the follow section, there I am with the top artists I've been listening to, under my name.


Is this a bug?  I cannot find any other options to uncheck.  Very annoying and this problem has persisted through several updates.

Thanks for your advice.

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Re: Hiding activity: does not work

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Have you tried using "Private Session"
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Re: Hiding activity: does not work

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If your husband had viewed your profile recently then his client will be showing old cached data rather than what is actually being shown publically by the Spotify server. 


If your Spotify username is "skmeyer" then I can confirm you have no artists, playlists or activity showing on your public profile. 

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