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High bandwith consume without reason

High bandwith consume without reason


I have a macbook pro with osx 10.13.6.

Spotify now is (maybe the latest..).

Some times it happened that when I wake up my laptop and spotify was already launched (from previous session). After few seconds it starts to consume all the connection bandwith.

At the beginning I thought about downloading a new software version.

Last time I waited 30minutes, then I decied to close the application and it stopped downloading data.

I analyzed traffic and it was generated by "Spotify via Spotify Helper" from "". In 30 minutes it downloaded 1,92gb.

It was only 1,92gb of data downloaded because I stopped application. Otherwise maybe it would still be downloading data.

If I start again spotify no more download start, so it seems that are no reason for that downloading.

What are these data? The installed application size is 517mb.

Why is this happening? What does it mean?


Please may you help me and clarify what's happening?

many thanks


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Anyone with the same issue?

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