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History on desktop... more than 50 tracks possible?

History on desktop... more than 50 tracks possible?




Premium Family 






27” iMac (current second to bottom build w/32GB RAM added post purchase)


Operating System

macOS current build and current OS


My Question or Issue


I'm looking to find larger ‘listory’© (by me;)) ... Listen history, as far as I’m able to find, is limited, in app, to last 50 tracks. Is there a way to go deeper or somehow build a terminal command that’d track/count more than S’s 50? Even third party software (that’s legitimate, doesn’t bog the system down ((lightweight)) and is easily accessed or can run side by side w/Spotify? We run a business, pay our ASCAP/BMI fees, and play 95% off vinyl or CD. For us, Spotify is an excellent filler with its AI ‘play similar tunes’ option, great option for the tune unavailable anywhere else, or just a cool band that sold 80 albums in ‘83 (I love the Headpins!)... it kicks a$$! But, the cool thing w/Spotify is building or outbuilding ‘mates playlists. Part of the problem is the history, whether settling an argument or just make sure it’s not been played over the course of the event or evening (363 days a year, almost a dozen hours a day we are making the pub shake). 


Is is there an easy or difficult or third party or pre-done snippet of code to enable this possibility? Spotify, chance ya could maybe double or quadruple (100 would be cool, 200... awesome!) the history cache?


 I also would like to reiterate the fact I/we’ve NO Issues, NO problems and nary a slowdown, never a RAM leak (I ran it for a couple months on 8GB w/a 100,000 ‘track’ ((efx, speeches, music, audio in general)j iTunes library and never had a problem. Maybe 5.5-6GB of compression @ it’s peak. Been an amazing tool in the box, for sure. 

We love it at home. I have several thousand albums (vinyl), lotta CDs, and a decent listening room I built w/our home and @ home, Spotify gets 50 or better % of playback time when listening critically. 95% when played in background. Love records but the expanse of Spotify, it’s ubiquity across devices and reliability make it a futuristic-science fictional piece of software. Essentially access to nearly every song recorded... & as a music connoisseur, I’ve got the ‘blanks’ I want ‘filled’. 

I’m rambling but wanted to emphasize how well it works for us, how cool it is to a 50 year old music lover, and how handy the app is in a lurch at a gig. All around the best ‘app’/software I own. Logic X and FCP X, amazing software and a plethora of software and apps exist that help people do their jobs more efficiently. Enjoy life more and for less. And continue to work on it, refine it and build it out for a half dozen (maybe 4 or 5) big OS’s while not breaking anything each time they update. 

I’m a fan, keep up the great work and anyone’s aware of a way to get a longer history... I’m all ears 


sorry for the novel



2 Replies

Hi, @AlaskaJaxx!


Have you checked out I personally use them in order to keep my song listening history. They can integrate with Spotify and also give you a personal mix based on your likes / history. You can optionally pay for additional statistics and more history, but free works great for me.


Let me know how you go.


Thanks, and have a lovely day!

Hey @, welcome to the Community.

Hope you are doing great!


You can use as suggested in the previous post as that's the max for now on Spotify.

However, if you would like, you can submit it in Idea Submissions board or support it if this idea has been already submitted.

Have a great day!

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