How can I "filter" my albums?


How can I "filter" my albums?

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On my iPhone, I can "filter" albums, meaning I can use a composer, an album title, whatever ... I can find the album I'm looking for.


But there's no way to search my albums on the Mac Desktop client. I know I can search Playlists, but how about albums?


I've been looking around I can't seem to find an answer to this, thanks for your help.


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Re: How can I "filter" my albums?

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Hey @JMinSF,


You can filter the albums in search by click the ALBUMS button ( check screenshot )

  1. Search for album
  2. Click Albums
  3. Enjoy the filter : - )



Let me know if you run into problems : )

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Re: How can I "filter" my albums?

Gig Goer

Hi, thanks for the reply. The screenshot didn't come through. So I tried to figure it out based on your words, and couldn't do it:


I click on Albums on the left-hand-side menu and get a display of the albums I have saved in the main, center section of the app. There's nowhere to click in that section except the main headers: On the left, there are 4 sorting options, and on the right, a choice whether to see only my saved albums or all the albums for all my saved music.


Just to be clear: I want to be able to search ONLY my OWN SAVED albums, not all of Spotify's albums. I might remember just one word from the title of the album. If I have to look through all of Spotify's albums that use that word, I'll drive myself crazy. If it's just my own albums, the results should be a lot narrower.


Looking forward to your clarification.


Thanks again!

Re: How can I "filter" my albums?


There is no filter option for saved albums. The closest I've been able to get is to use the web interface then search with the browser's text search function. It's not ideal, but it's the best it gets until Spotify figure out how to add this complicated and advanced functionality.