How do I use Spotify??

How do I use Spotify??

Hi I'd love some help. So I've just paid up for premium subscription, with the intention of switching from iTunes to Spotify. I'm utterly lost and frustrated; Spotify seems unable to perform the basic functions I'd expect it to.


I currently have all my music in lossless AIFF in iTunes. I'd assume there would be a way to drag it all into Spotify and have it find the online equivalent. Apparently not. So now I'm going through searching for each album individually and saving them to "Your Music".


Some albums on Spotify are unavailable or have tracks greyed out. Fair enough. It says "This track is currently not available in your country. If you have the file on your computer you can import it." Doesn't say how. OK. So I convert the file to 320CBR MP3, and point Spotify in it's direction. It shows up in "Local Files". Why can't I put it in "Your Music" along with the rest of the album??


And why can't I edit the tags on my local files when some of them look messed up?


And how do I get Spotify (Mac & Android) to download everything to use offline?


And how do I play the local files I added on my Mac on my Android phone?


I feel like I'm crazy, am I doing it wrong? Everything seems difficult to work out, and I'm by no means a tech amateur.

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Hello there and welcome to the community,


I am going to try to put some "light" to some of your questions 🙂


In the section "Your Music"

1) the folder Songs will contain only the songs you save from Spotify library by clicking the sign + in front of the title.

2/ the folder Albums will contain the albums where the songs saved previously come from.

3) The folder Artists will contain the artist you follow

4) The folder Local Files, as the name says, contains the songs saved on your computer from external sources.

To set correctly the folder Local Files you have to click : Edit > Preferences and once on Preferences page, scroll to section Local Files and enable (green)  the sources on your computer, containing your local files. If you don't see a source, Click : Add a source.


To play songs offline they must be included in a playlist and this playlist has to be set as Available Offline (green)


When you get the message 'Song not available in your country, You can import it" that means if you have it in your local files, you can include it in a playlist.


To save an album as a playlist, from the artist page or the album page, you can select it (hold left click on the title) and drag it in the section PLAYLISTS on the left side. It will become a playlist that you can set as available offline.


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Thanks very much. So from what you're saying it seems Spotify revolves around playlists. If I want my whole library available, everything has to be in a playlist, is that right?

Maybe that's what I need to adapt to, since I'm used to just choosing an individual album and playing it through. Is there a way I can keep doing that? Or would it involve creating a playlist for every single album..?

And "Your Music" is useless for locally stored files? That would be a great shame, because I hate the organisation of "Local Files".

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