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I can't scroll on my macbook!

I can't scroll on my macbook!

Hi! A while ago i stopped being able to scroll down on my macbook without pressing alt at the same time as i press the up or down button. Normallt I can scroll just by pressing the arrows and with alt it always scrolls all the way down so i can't see what's in between the top of the page and the bottom. It's only in Spotify I have this problem. It seems frozen in some way. Any ideas of what this could be? Thank you! 

3 Replies

 Spotify is written in different code than browsers, as it is an app. Therefore, it wouldn't work unless Spotify adds new controls. Or, if it worked before adds back the controls that allow you to do that.

thanks for your reply. That's so strange. I've updates everything as another reply suggestion. But i mean, sure thing it's an app but don't most people also use it on their computer. It used to work before, so it makes no sense they would take away something to make it worse? It's barely useable now without the scrolling function.. 

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