I hid the album cover and can not show it again

I hid the album cover and can not show it again



I click the maximize icon on the playing now album cover, normally it was getting bigger but this time it's completely hidden. There is no any icon or setting to show it again. Can you help me, please?


P.s: I removed the whole cache folder contents, log out and login but the issue goes one.


Spotify app:

MacOS: 10.14.1



Screenshot 2018-12-28 at 10.04.07.png
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I have not been able to replicate on this version:


I have now updated my client to run your version ( and have not been able to replicate there either.


I did notice that switching between Offline/Online modes does affect the thumbnail generation, so this could perhaps be connected to that.


If you reboot the Spoftify application does the problem remain? - Make sure to fully quit Spotify altogether.


My own MacOS Version: 10.14.2

I did the same thing and tried to get it back by completely deleting spotify from my mac and redownloading it but it is still not there. Not sure how else to fix it. 

Hi all.


Try resizing the left pane.


Did it help?

Resizing the left pane didn't help. It's resolved by itself.

Didn't help. Thank you though

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