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I'm a new user and the UI really sucks

I'm a new user and the UI really sucks


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OK, so I used Apple Music for a long time but the rest of my family were all on Spotify so a few days back I took the plunge. Itunes is an incredibly poor piece of software but I am gobsmacked at the Spotify UI and the way it 'operates'...


I've done a bit of reading and this is a recent change from Spotify -


  • You can't just click on an artist and play all the songs/albums you have for them
  • You have to 'follow' an artist and then search through what spotify wants you to see about them
  • Only complete albums show in the albums option, so if - like me - you look at an album and download only your favourite tracks, you don't see that 'album' in your album view
  • The solution to the above is your songs from partially download albums only appear in the 'songs' option which can be thousands of songs long!?!


Did spotify employ a team of low IQ baboons who came up with this cracking idea?


Its not great at all folks, not great at all...


I'm guessing I will stick with this and see if Spotify see sense and put some actual functionality back into the app. Fingers crossed and all that.

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