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I need assistance downloading songs from spotify TO a Sanza mp3 player

I need assistance downloading songs from spotify TO a Sanza mp3 player






2012 MacBook Pro

Operating System

Mac OS 10.15.7


My Question or Issue

Hello, Good day, Spotify community.  My name is John Kooz.  I pay spotify $9.99/month (happily) for their music streaming services which are truly marvelous.  However, I had to go through a bit of "file renaming slavery" with a nested folder debacle (See attached Screen Shot of my desktop).  


My Outcome: download 10 songs (bob marley and queen is the playlist) to my sanza mp3 player using spotify.


Assistance and insights welcome.  Thank you.



John Kooz

UPLOAD TO SPOTIFY FORUM mp3s on a sansa mp3 player made me feel like buffalo soldier slaving away doing batch file renames.png
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You can't change the music format by simply changing the extension name... The music you download from Spotify will remain encrypted to protect copyright, so it's impossible to import your downloaded Spotify music to any MP3 player.


You can use an MP3 player that is compatible with Spotify, meaning the MP3 player need to support running the Spotify app within it. In this way, you can log in with your premium account on the MP3 player and download or play your Spotify playlists.


Here's a list of the Spotify MP3 players that will work.

Hey @JohnKooz, welcome to the Community.

Hope you're doing great!


The music that Spotify offers to stream and listen offline to is only licensed to be used within the Spotify apps. Every song that saves a cache file from streaming or the ones you actually download can't be played outside Spotify apps. They are properly encrypted to protect the authors works from piracy.


Now about listening music on the go you need a device that is capable of running Spotify.

Learn more about system requirements here and about listening offline here.


Hope it helps 🙂

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