Im missing friends on the friend activity bar


Im missing friends on the friend activity bar

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United Kingdom



Macbook Retina 12" 2017

Operating System

mac OS 10.14.5 mojave


My Question or Issue

For the past 1-2 weeks my friend activity bar has been only showing half of my friends and sometimes switching between the half that I can see. Ive had some success in trying to resolve the issue after reinstalling and installing the desktop app after several attempts but majority of the time this has no effect. Ive tried logging in and out and refollowing but this has also had no effect.

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Same here, I posted in this thread but I'm not sure how this all works so I'll post here too. 


"For the last couple of weeks people have been dropping in and out of my friends feed, mostly different friends sporadically, and now today it is down to just three people (it was at 6 and then every time I quite the app and opened it again one dissapeared). 


I have done the clean reinstall and every other suggestion that I've seen. If I unfollow and follow then only the three who were there come back. Really frustrating issues as the friends thing is one of the most appealing things about spotify to me. 


OS: MacBook Pro, 10.14.5 (18F132)