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Importing local files (MP3s) into Spotify

Importing local files (MP3s) into Spotify



Country UK



iMac  mid 2010

Operating System

High Sierra 10.13.6


My Question or Issue

I have 24k 's worth of songs all MP3 and all currently happily playable on iTunes held on a hard drive pluggedd into the back of the above desktop system. I'd like to be able ot leave my ipod at home and play these tracks (via a playlist maybe) from my iphone 6s Spotify account via 3g or wifi whatever. However Spotify it would seem doesn't even want to "see" all my local files. I've deleted the cache many times and tried again chosen itunes and pointed it to the specific music file that itunes plays from buyt it does about 10% of the tracks then stops. This should be straightforward!!!     Yet another iMac destop issue, (turgidly slow to start etc) yet again a "premium" product sold in to people that doesn't work. Any developer want to address this issue?


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