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Is there a way to trim tracks or cut "hidden" tracks from the ends of songs?

Is there a way to trim tracks or cut "hidden" tracks from the ends of songs?

Several bands that I listen to have songs the contain "hidden" tracks. I dislike ending up with several minutes of silence while listening to music while working, and I'd love to have a way to "cut" the silence out of these songs or to just trim the track and skip the hidden songs all together.


When I managed my own library of mp3s I would just cut the silence manually using Audacity. Any chance we can do this within spotify? 

3 Replies

This is unfortunately not possible for streamed songs from Spotify. You would need to import a local (trimmed) mp3 to Spotify.

However, there exists already an idea about it in our ideas exchange here.
Please add your kudos and comments there. 😉

It's crazy to me that Spotify hasn't designed in this functionality.  I cannot see how editing tracks by snipping sections (slowly building beginning intros, terrible dead space dividing one track and a "hidden" track, or a outro).  Couldn't be a violation of DRM, as the artist would still get credit for a track played.  Get er done, Spotify!

This!!! ^^^^^^

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