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Itunes songs not visible in app

Itunes songs not visible in app

Hi all,


First I tried so search for this subject, but I found only topics that werent 100% the same and the solutions given didn' t help. But sorry if I missed one and this is a double topic.


I imported itunes songs into spotify. On spotify  desktop app all songs are visible. Even possible to download for offline use.


However on my iphone spotify app the songs are not visible. I see in the name of the playlist that there are songs available, but when opening the plalist no songs show up, only some suggested songs. 


I am 100% sure this was not the case before. I' m not sure what I changed or what Spotify changed 😕


Thank you for your help



4 Replies

Hi @Gideonpom and welcome to the community! 🙂
Sorry to hear you are having trouble getting your songs on your phone.
This might be a silly question, but have you already tried downloading the playlist to the phone?
There should be a slider bar at the top right that allows you to download the playlist that contains the missing songs. If you can see the songs on your phone you should be able to with the Premium subscription.
Here are the steps I've taken in the past to do this:
1. Create Playlist on Spotify Mac desktop app
2. Add all desired songs from internal hard drive

3. Open app on iphone and download playlist to iphone
Hope it works out for you!

Hi @Bethany_03,


Thank you for your reply and help. much appreciated. I dont quite understand as before i didnt had to download anything to my phone and when the itunes playlist was visible on my desktop in spotify it was also visible on my phone spotify app. I dont have a lot of memoy on my phone so downloading songs is no option for me 😕 (**bleep** iphones). 


Do you have another solution?

Hi again!

Unfortunately, unless the songs become available in Spotify's streaming library they can only be listened to via the download option. =/
I used to struggle with previous iphone model storage as well so I completely understand. Wish I had a better answer for you!

Oh Noooo 😕 ....


That is too bad. It's weird that it was possible for me before to just listen on my iphone without downloading the songs. Because you expect, when its visible on desktop spotify app, it should be visible as well on your iphone app.


@ everybody else in the community. If someone knows a solution, that would be awesome! Thanks

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