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Last.FM account sync dissappears from player options

Last.FM account sync dissappears from player options

Problem I have with Spotify desktop player is that all the time my saved account information disappears from my settings/preferences and nothing is scrobbled at some point when that info is lost. Can't notice it when exaclty that happens- after updates or what, but constantly, after a week or two, it always disappears, it is not recently, it happens all the time during at least last year, on both my Windows and Mac computers, it's very annoying as I have to check if it is working almost every day..


Any solutions for that?

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So no-one have experienced this issue? It just happened to me again today- apperantly there was update on Spotify software and my login info has been lost again. I really hate Spotify for that and I'm quite disappointed not seeing any response from developers in this case!!!

This is a known bug for several months now, it has been posted here many times without replies from a developer or moderator. It happens sometimes when you restart Spotify and/or your computer, so it is not easy to reproduce. Furthermore people who never restart the Spotify desktop client will never notice it.


As this also happens to other Preferences settings like "no friend feed", you should check those, too. And you can use it as a warning sign if you suddenly see that Friend Feed frame on the right side again.


Yeah, I've noticed that friends feed appears back too as I normally disable it, that's a good hint actually and I haven't thought about it this way, thank you!


Still hope to hear something from developers, if it's common bug, why they can't fix that in on of their updates?

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