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Like & Dislike Radio Buttons Gone

Like & Dislike Radio Buttons Gone

Plan: Premium

Country: USA

Device: Macbook Pro 2019

Operating System: Mac Big Sur


My Question or Issue

When listening to a playlist radio station (either song radio, or artist radio, or recommended by Spotify) there used to be a thumbs up and a thumbs down button on either side of the player commands in order to specify the songs you liked best (and for spotify to learn your preferences, I presume). 


Screen Shot 2020-11-20 at 2.26.10 PM.png

Sometime relatively recently something changed and I no longer see the thumbs up/down ANYWHERE in the platform. I do have the ability to "Heart" songs in the general which adds the song to my "Liked Songs" playlist. But I'm no longer able to specify a specific Like or Dislike per song in the radio station. I also have the playlist "Liked from Radio" which was automatically created by Spotify. How am I supposed to continue to populate this playlist if there is literally no way to Like a song in the Radio Station?? If all songs now go to the "Likes Songs" list then what is the point of this "Liked from Radio" list?

Screen Shot 2020-11-20 at 2.34.47 PM.png


If this is a complete change to the Spotify interface and I should stop thinking about the thumbs up/down buttons, I'll do that, but right now I just feel like I'm missing them or it's a bug because I still have the "Liked by Radio" playlist. It's driving me crazy!


I have removed and reinstalled the app.


Thanks for the help!

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There’s nothing wrong with your app. Spotify in their infinite wisdom has removed the thumbs up and thumbs down. So there’s no way to actually control the quality of recommendations. Pair that with the garbage “radio” playlist function and Spotify is now for the most part useless for low effort music discovery. 

Gosh, thank you for at least confirming that I'm not losing my mind! Man, what a bummer, that was one of my favorite features. Appreciate the help!

Same here. Some users have been funneled into a beta test.

It has a lot of problems. Opting out doesn't seem possible. The mechanism for feedback (which you can see in the link above) is chaotic.

So, the choices seem to be waiting stoically, or switching to a different platform. =(

I wanted to switch from Youtube music to Spotify but not being able to dislike a song makes the service worthless. I'm forced to listen to **bleep** from "curators." Probably won't even listen through my free trial.

I hate this. Spotify keeps shxtting the bed.

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