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Links to my Spotify playlist don't work

Links to my Spotify playlist don't work


Free account

Country: Australia



(Macbook Pro)
Operating System

(Catalina 10.15.4)


I have recently tried to enter a link from someone else's playlist into Chrome. It just comes up with a "site can't be reached" message. The message also comes up when I try to post my own Spotify link (for my account) into Chrome. This problem does not happen on my phone so I think it must be something I did on my MacBook.


Something happened a while ago when I decided to download an extension to Spotify (which I should not have done). It made every song unplayable. I was told by a friend to go into terminal and use "sudo" commands. I ended up deleting a few dodgy looking files making my Spotify back to normal. Now I realized I must have also deleted something to do with redirects as now all links don"t work. Sorry if this does not make much sense, I've tried to shorten it down as much as I can. Any help will be much appreciated - Thanks.


Screen Shot 2020-04-22 at 2.42.05 pm.pngThis is what comes up when I try to click on Spotify links.



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