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Listening history blank (Mac OS 10.11.4 (15E65) Spotify:

Listening history blank (Mac OS 10.11.4 (15E65) Spotify:

Since at least a couple weeks ago, I noticed the listening history on my Spotify desktop client is completely blank. I open the queue and it seems to be working fine, but the History is blank. Used to show my history. I have tried restarting the app, restarting the computer. Haven't tried reinstalling yet.


I am on a free account. Has history been switched to a premium feature or something?

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has this been solved yet? very annoying problem

Still doing it for me. No response from anyone.

Tweeted at Spotify Support and they said to reinstall Spotify, and that seems to have fixed it.

Didn't delete those cache/application support folders before, that's probably what did it.

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