Loading/playback failures in desktop client


Loading/playback failures in desktop client









Operating System

OS X High Sierra (10.13.6)


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For months I have been having continuous issues with the Mac desktop client on my iMac - the "Home" and "Browse" screens often do not load with a "Please try again later" message, the "Made For You" screen now is showing "There was a problem displaying this page!", and the Discovery/Daily Mix playlists often show "Daily Mix cannot be started". Aside from these errors the client is often just exceptionally slow to load playlists, though outside of the Discovery/Daily Mix I haven't had any issues with playback.


I have tried the standard reinstall/restart, have checked my settings, and have seen no improvement. I do not have this issue with my mobile app.


I have reported this issue in the past and got no helpful advice or resolution so I'm hoping someone may have some now.



("Made For You" screen show the same error as above - because of this I can't actually get to the daily mix/discovery playlists today to get screenshots of those errors..._

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Re: Loading/playback failures in desktop client


Same. loading. and loading and loading.... tried to reinstall. no luck. is it the ammount of music i have "Liked" in my library?? super disappointed. other streaming services don't have this issue. If you are Working in the music industry and need a reliable way to playback; this app is NOT AN OPTION.

Re: Loading/playback failures in desktop client


The performance of the Mac desktop client is only getting worse - half the time it crashes just minutes after launching, almost nothing loads (curated playlists, my own saved albums, the browse window.... nothing)

I get that the mobile app is probably your bread and butter but a lot of us use the desktop clients (and I use it CONSTANTLY) so this is severely impacting how useful this service even is for me. Is there any info at all about any work being done to improve these clients?