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Local Files Over-riding Spotify Files - Not Playing Music - HELP

Local Files Over-riding Spotify Files - Not Playing Music - HELP






Samsung Galaxy 9 & Macbook Air 2016)



My Question or Issue



Hi Guys,


This is an ongoing issue that increasingly frustrates me as I can't figure out what to do. On my laptop, I had a number of local music files saved. Prior to Spotify I used iTunes and so, had the required music library held locally. When I got Spotify I pointed it at this library so it would know which my local files were, etc. Over time, I've needed the space on my Mac for other things so transferred my music to a wifi external hard-drive/NAS. This drive died and I lost a big chunk of music. Obviously, this means that Spotify is no longer recognising this as a local source. 


The problem I want resolved though is that I now have a huge chunk of greyed out / unplayable songs in Spotify (on both my laptop and phone). When I first downloaded Spotify it seemed to do some kind of 'matching' and some songs it picked up, others it didn't. Anyway, obviously some of the songs I had in my local library simply won't be in the Spotify music library, but some of them I KNOW are actually in the Spotify library. i.e., are available on Spotify if I search for them. Therefore, I'm guessing my problem is that Spotify doesn't automatically prioritise it's version of a song in the music library (such as Kings Of Leon, Manhattan) over a locally held version of the song? And I'm wondering, rather than having to search for each song individually (000's of individual tracks so, impractical), delete the local version from the many playlists a song could be in (i.e., rock, indie, uni, etc) and replace it with a working 'Spotify' version in all said playlists, is there a way to get Spotify to prioritise it's version over a local version? 


Or is there a simple workaround I'm missing where I can get Spotify to match to it's library the local files I've got?

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This is the answer to your question taken from another thread.

For more info please check out this thread.


@Katerina wrote:

Hey folks,


Thanks for bearing with us while this was looked into.


We've spoken to the teams, and going forwards we're no longer supporting this feature.


Rest assured we'll pass all of your feedback about this directly on to the right folks.

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