Local Files not working on Mac to iPhone


Local Files not working on Mac to iPhone




I have a mac computer and an iPhone 6s Plus...


I am trying to add a few bassline mixes my friends created to my spotify and I followed all the steps, it's showing on my computer, but when I go to my phone the playlist is there but the songs aren't?


1. I made them both available offline


2. I am on the same wi-fi network


3. I followed all the steps by sourcing the local files and adding them to a new playlist


4. It has worked in the past but isn't working now


Please help, it is very frustrating moving between apps all the time, almost impossible when I'm driving! 


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Please make sure the songs import into Spotify: 

1. Not protected by DRM

2.In supported format (https://support.spotify.com/us/using_spotify/features/listen-to-local-files/)



1.Make sure your computer and mobile devices (iPhone) in the same WiFi network.

2.Remove the playlist which you find the problem

3.Remove and re-add the "Local Sources" - Make sure all songs synced.

3.1 You may need to reopen Spotify (MAC/PC) [in case if you added too many songs] [Recommend to do]

4.Make sure all the songs which added can be played in Spotify (Mac/PC)

5.Make whole new playlists (Recommend using different name from preventing sync error)

6.On Mac/PC, check all the songs in playlist whether they can be played or not.

7.Download playlist on your devices(iPhone)


Please let me know if these work. / Mark as solved+like.