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Long MP3 audio files don't show correct play time and jump on progress bar

Long MP3 audio files don't show correct play time and jump on progress bar

I'm using the local file feature to listen to an audiobook on my OSX computer


When I get to about 4h 7m into the file, the meter jumps back to the beginning  and displays 1m 58 seconds, somewhat relative to the playing position beyond 4h07m.


This is diffiuclt to explain, but here are the steps to recreate


  1. Play an MP3 file over 4h 7m in length
  2. Click the progress bar to jump to 4h 8m or greater (in my case at about 78%)
  3. The cursor will jump to the beginning of the track (in my  case about 10%) and show an anvalid time (in my case 6m 12s) but the track will play correctly.  
  4. Using shift-arrows will jump playback to the position at the beginning

hope this helps.  Happy bug fixing.

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having the same issue, except that my mp3 files are only 3-6 minutes in length. the latest update has ruined the interface and many features are broken as well. someone please take notice of this and attempt to correct the issue.


EDIT: would like to point out that I am using Windows and not Mac. Also, files have been tested and work correctly in other software such as Windows Media Player.

I'm having a similar issue on both the Windows Client (v6.0 Build:31322220) and the Android Client.


I have an MP3 that is about 4 hours long. In the Windows Client it only shows up to 54:06 in the Progress bar. Once the track gets to 54:06 the progress bar stops but the track continues to please. 


In the Android Client, it's a similar issue, the track continues to play but the 'Time remaining' is 0:00. 


I'd like to be able to skip to parts of the track that as past 54:06, but I am not able to do that with the current client.


Please fix. 



I found out that by downloading foobar2000, importing my mp3, and finding one of the "fix mp3 vbr" something that will repair your track and it got all my tracks working just fine. Happy listening!

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