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Longtime Spotify Premium User - Friends activity no longer show ups on Mac Desktop Client

Longtime Spotify Premium User - Friends activity no longer show ups on Mac Desktop Client

Apparently after a recent update to the Mac Desktop Client my Friends' Activity on the right hand sidebar no longer shows my friends activity at all! I have two friends in particular who I know for a fact listen to Spotify reliably on a daily basis. Prior to this issue I would reliably see their listening activity pop up without any issue for as long as I can remember.


I am sure I'm not the only person that realizes this functionality is now broken.


Please advise. Thank you.



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I think it's global Spotify server problem after the latest update, I have that problem too and waiting for fix

Thanks for the confirmation.

Same here. Seems that after the update to (also on Mac, OS X El Capitan) , Friend Activity shows the activity of some friends but not others - and not all of their listens display.


I also have a friend who I know is listening (by viewing his Recent Tracks) but those tracks are not displaying in the Friend Activity pane. Occasionally his listens will show up - I wonder if it is when he listens using a different device. 

Are you still experiencing this problem? I am and a recent update did not resolve this issue for me.

I still have this issue as well. All my devices (Mac, Windows, Android) were logged out, I have no friends anymore (lol), and I have a bunch of garbage playlists that I never created.

Thanks for the reply danhere. Well I'm right there with you. My friends don't even appear in the Friend Feed Activity Sidebar anymore let alone show any listening activity.


Front 2 back, whack.

I have since been upgraded to version on my Mac but the issue didn't seem to be resolved after I upgraded. However, as of a day or two ago, it seems to be working correctly. Wish I could tell you what the fix was, sorry!

I was literally just prompted to upgrade my Spoitfy desktop client for Mac to version The problem remains for me but if it does get resolved I will make it a point to mention it here.

Update: Yesterday was the second time I updated my Spotify desktop client on my Mac and yet the problem remains. Whatever they're doing to resolve this problem hasn't worked for me and I've only heard from one person here, KatieArms, that the problem has been resolved. I can't honestly tell if that's indictative of anything either way. Has the problem been resolved for you guys or is the Friend Feed Activity bar still not working properly?

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