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Lost all my saved music

Lost all my saved music

This morning I tried to listen to one of my saved albums and realized Spotify has removed every single song from my library (around 50 albums' worth of music). My playlists are intact, but everything else is gone. Is there any way I can recover what I  had saved?

8 Replies

I too lost all my saved music. How can this be fixed?

Just had the same problem. Set up a new mac. Lost the last 5 months worth of saved songs. Very annoying

Has there been an answer to this problem cause I to lost my music

It's happened to me 3 times now, 3000 songs, all saved for offline listening, gone for no apparent reason. I definitely haven't logged into another account as I only have one, on my phone, and never log out. Had to re-download the whole lot each time it happened , 20gb all on mobile data. Luckily I've got all you can eat data (my record is over 60gb in one month!)

Do you know if the problem was ever fixed?

I doubt it, it happened to me the day before I wrote the above comment. I'm a premium member as well so I'm not happy about the complete and utter absence of support from spotify on this issue.

All my saved songs are gone.  If someone knows how to get my saves songs backs please share.  I am soo disapointed with this.

I've been there like 5 times now.. beyond infuriating 😞

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