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[MAC] Next and previous song keyboard buttons not working.

[MAC] Next and previous song keyboard buttons not working.



Im on a mac and using a MS Digital Media Keyboard 3000, and when Im listening to anything on spotify, this buttons wont work, also the Stop button does not work however I dont mind that one. I know its not an incompatibility issue since these 3 keyboard buttons do work with iTunes and other apps, so this is a problem with Spotify.


A more detailed description, using numbered steps

1. I try to use the Next, Previous or Stop buttons found on my keyboard to control Spotify songs

2. It does not work.


What I expected to happen

That my keyboard hotkeys/buttons worked with Spotify


What actually happened

Nothing happened


My Operating System



My Spotify version


My internet provider and country

TotalPlay, Mexico


My username



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I have the same problem and it seems like a problem on the focus of the windows. 


Doing some cmd+shift changing windows and resetting the focus of some windows, then restoring spotify worked and the previous and next button came enabled again. 


Note that I minimized the app before the problem appeared.

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