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[Mac Desktop] Spotify Window can't be unminified

[Mac Desktop] Spotify Window can't be unminified




Macbook Pro Early 2015


Operating System

Mac Os Catlina 10.15.5 (19F101)


My Question or Issue


After some period of time minified Spotify window can't be opened again, "Show all windows" option shows it as a transparent window(screenshot attached)


Note: This issue may be caused by Quitter app that automatically minifies (hides) defined apps.


Please fix this asap, very annoying as it requires me to restart the app and takes a quite some time (especially to quit)




Screen Shot 2020-07-14 at 10.47.14 PM.jpg
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Hi there. Thank you for reaching out to the community. Try to restart your computer. Hope this helps!

It helps only for a few hours, then the same issue appears again

You can try several more of these steps below.

Step 1: Log out and in (Both your Spotify Account and Mac Account)
Step 2: Restart your Computer Again
Step 3: Uninstall and Reinstall Spotify
Step 4: Contact Customer Service at
Step 5: Other Spotify help Link: It redirects to the About Page > Option 3 - Offers the Contact Form and Option 4 - Points folks to @SpotifyCares on Twitter who are happy to help.
Step 6: Clean reinstall Link:

Hope any of these steps help you.

Sorry accidentally duplicated the link. Here is Spotify's more help section Link:

Hope they can solve your problem!

Experienced same issue after I installed the App. No matter what I did I couldn’t get window to appear after initial installation. 

What worked for me:

Closed the App. Moved App to Bin. 
Moved App back into Applications. 
Opened Spotify. Window now showing. 
Open Preferences. 
Under ‘Start-up and window behaviour’ change drop-down menu from ‘Minimised’ to ‘No’

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