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[Mac] Version eating 90-100% of CPU

[Mac] Version eating 90-100% of CPU

Was just upgraded to and Spotify is using 90-100% of CPU. I'm running a MacBook Pro on 10.8.4. 


Discover, Follow & App Finder aren't loading along with the headers of playlists. I'll be downgrading until the problem is resolved. 


*Update - Uninstalled/reinstalled and that took me back to so I'm sticking with that for now.

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If someone could catch the spotify_new.exe file and post it to a file sharing site, I'd be happy to check it out.

He said a Macbook Pro, not a Windows notebook. I am still on 😞

I'm experiencing the same problem.

On Mac OS X 10.8.4, Spotify version produces very high CPU usage 90-100% on one core and incompletely loads news, friends and friends updates while playing songs from existing playlists works. It's basically unusable

Same here. My Activity Monitor is reporting 102% CPU usage from Spotify alone when I'm playing local files. I'd give a number for network playback, except it's now completely broken.


The following are not loading at all: What's New, Follow, App Finder, Radio, any apps (Billboard,, Pitchfork, etc.).


The 0.9.2 update has almost killed Spotify. I sincerely hope there is a quick update. I'd hate to cancel my subscription, but I'm not paying $10 for a useless product. I can get local playback from iTunes.

I ended up doing what the OP did, uninstall and reinstall. Got 0.9.0 back. That's the way to go if you're having issues!


(FYI, I followed the steps outlined at to get a "clean" install).


Great to have my Spotify back! Hopefully they get a new release out there soon that actually works.

how did you get an old version of spotify?

I think this should still be the older version.

i am having this issue as well... hope it gets fixed soon

@jwylot: it is the old version! thanks!

Thank you for reporting this! I've created a bug thread. Please come here to provide details. And refer others with this issue there as well.


Thank you.

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