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[Mac] Why is this recent update so very bad??

[Mac] Why is this recent update so very bad??

Just updated my Mac (10.7.5 ~ OS X Lion) desktop client to version and I have to say this is TERRIBLE.  Lets forgo the fact that the 'what's new' tab is just plain crap now, emphasis on the PLAIN.  Oh, and search results... Also abhorrently plain.  Let's just pretend that's no issue...


My concern fundamentally is the direction Spotify has been trending... A rampage of updates with no added functionality or benefit in particular, or at least, none easily discernable as such.  However, to drill down to my actual performance complaint; since this recent update, Spotify is plagued with LAG!!  I mean, loading, switching views/pages, searches, songs queuing, songs playing, songs skipping (a problem I have literally never had), activity bar has no data, and the follow page shows no data as well.


Now, listen, I LOVE SPOTIFY, let's just get that on the record.  However, I feel strongly as though the overall quality of this application has been in decline and the rash of updates seemingly subverting themselves.  I would imagine this is maybe just, like, my opinion man... But please consider looking to your past work, when considering the future direction of Spotify, as a service and as a GUI.  And, on an admittedly subjective note, the interface looked thea absolute best when it was predominantly dark.  In such light, I might consider in the future offering a light/dark or day/night mode.  But that line of discourse is best for a different thread..


TL,DR: Please help me figure out why the new update on my Mac is so darn laggy; and some general "boo-hooing." 

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So, for what it's worth... I don't know if you just rolled out the client update, prior to the application being completely publicly consumable.  However, my issue does appear to be better in at least a few noticable ways.  The plainess has gone away, and things do look, admittedly, quite nice.  The lag has gone, everything seems to load much more speedily now.  Also, my activity bar is populated again, as is the 'Follow' page.  So, hopefully this was simply initial woes, from what seemed to be a rather marked upgrade change.  


So, I still love ya Spotify... But, I definitely got my eye on ya. 



Loyal Listener Josh

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