[Mac/Win10] Song cannot be play through a HTTP Proxy


[Mac/Win10] Song cannot be play through a HTTP Proxy


When using HTTP proxy in the advanced settings, the app is working fine including searching, browsing any albums/artists and also loading album arts when play button is hit, however, the songs won't play, it stucked at 0.00. Only songs that previously cached, it plays, songs that I never played, it won't play.


It used to work fine in the few previous updates (Never update since January), but in the recent verions, I am having this problem on both my Mac, and my Windows 10 PC.


Steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. Without proxy, instantly play whenever I select a song.
  2. Then I apply a valid HTTP proxy, restart, application loads as normally, select any albums (that not cached), album art loads (at the bottom left), the song just wont play. (stuck at 0.00)
  3. I tried to use Auto Detect at the proxy settings, and set the proxy globally on the OS system. It works, but I do not want to apply this proxy for global because this proxy is mainly used for spotify. 

Affected App Version:

Devices: Lenovo ThinkPad T480 and MacBook Pro 2016

Operating System: Windows 10 Pro (10.0.17134 N/A Build 17134)

                                   Mac Os Majove (10.14.4)

Account Type: Premium

Last working Spotify App Version: Version downloaded around early January this year





Screenshot 2019-05-27 at 1.19.24 AM.png
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Re: [Mac/Win10] Song cannot be play through a HTTP Proxy

Casual Listener

I have problem like this too.

Dear Support, Please help.