MacBook Air M1 High CPU Usage

MacBook Air M1 High CPU Usage


(Macbook Air M1)


Operating System

(MacOS 12.4)


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Why Spotify Helper (Renderer) has huge CPU usage (from 80-120%)? When I close it and music is playing on background, everything is fine. When I opened desktop app for Mac to see what is playing the CPU usage raise to huge numbers. I tried clean install, I tried turn on/off hardware acceleration, I tried shut down Mac - multiple times, I tried turn on local files and disable settings under it. Nothing helps :(.

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Is this still happening?

Could you try updating to macOS Monterey 12.5? Also, check if there's any new updates for Spotify. To do that click on Menu Bar > Spotify > About Spotify


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Hi, I did update to 12.5 and check if there is any for Spotify. Spotify Helper (renderer) takes still the same amount of % CPU. But I found where is the problem. If I play playlist where is custom UI, for example Stranger Things Official (that dark and light instead regular time scale), then Spotify takes around 80% of CPU. If I play playlist without that custom UI, albums or song from liked list, Spotify Helper (renderer) takes from 1.5 to 4% of CPU.

Okay, this is interesting. The same problem is on my desktop PC with Windows 11, i5-11400, 16GB RAM and RTX 3060ti. There is difference about 20% if custom UI is visible in playlist.

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