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MacOS App High %100+ CPU Use After Lastest Version

MacOS App High %100+ CPU Use After Lastest Version

Spotify macOS app latest version, after i update spotify this version app use high cpu and heat up the machine. I am already clear re-install or downgrade some setting but it doesn't any change. I try all of solutions but doesn't effect. Please don't say re-instal, clean caches or change any settings. I TRY EVERYTHING ...

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Macbook Pro 13'  2019

Operating System

macOS Catalina 10.15.5

Ekran Resmi 2020-07-06 11.54.58.png
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Lots of complaints about this, FYI, would be good to search for it. Though it’s been a problem for a long time and the issues just get closed as duplicates and reference eachother as cause.

Hey @mrundle,


Thanks for reaching out about this here.


We created an Ongoing Issue regarding this. You’ll find it here.


It’d be great if you’d add your +VOTE as well as the required info in a comment and if you’d subscribe so as to receive all the relevant updates. 


We’ll keep you posted and stay available to help with anything else as well!

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