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Macbook M1 Max - Black Screen / Unable to quit / Something Went Wrong Error

Macbook M1 Max - Black Screen / Unable to quit / Something Went Wrong Error


I have had major troubles with the Spotify Desktop app on the premium plan since I bought my MacBook Pro (16-inch, 2021) Apple M1 Max Memory 64 GB


Every time I start Spotify I am greeted with a black screen that takes somewhere from 30 seconds to a minute to disappear. Every time I quit Spotify it takes about 2-3 minutes before Spotify quits. Shutting down my computer with Spotify running can not complete either as Spotify is non-responsive and has to be force quit by the system after 2-3 minutes.


Clicking on certain artist releases gives me the page "! Something went wrong, Try reloading the page", then I am sent back to the main page of Spotify.


I spoke to Spotify support before about this and after trying a lot it was suggested to do a deep uninstall, removing all Spotify files from the computer (dig out everything in the Library folder). That worked for a day or two, then the behavior is back again. I have done 4 deep complete uninstalls now and the problem still persists.


My other older Mac Laptop (Intel) 2013 Spotify Desktop Version works flawlessly but not on the latest MacBook Pro.


Spotify for macOS (Apple Silicon) is the version I am running.


Updating Mac OS X Monterey does not help either, the problem started at 12.0 and I have updated each version up to 12.4 with the same Spotify problems.


Nothing in my host files that is blocking Spotify.


I have flushed the DNS through the terminal.


All other programs and system work flawlessly on the M1 Max MacBook Pro. Only Spotify has this behavior. Spotify works on my iOS device with no problems.


I have reached out to support again and after 2 hours and we really did not get anywhere.


Any help is appreciated.

Screen Shot 2022-08-08 at 15.23.05.png
Screen Shot 2022-08-08 at 15.24.17.png
Screen Shot 2022-08-08 at 15.22.28.png
20 Replies

I'm having this same problem on my M1 Macbook Pro. How can they let this issue just go on unaddressed for so long? The app is unusable!


Edit: I just did the "Clean install" described here. It's working so far. Fingers crossed it continues to work.

Edit 2: And it's broken again. So that lasted like two hours...

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