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Macbook Pro & Bluetooth

Macbook Pro & Bluetooth

The Spotify app for Mac seems to take over bluetooth and do a few weird things.


If I am playing music through Spotify with my Bose QC35's and I have some other audio source coming from the computer (anything at all, an ad, notification, you tube video) then both streams play.  If I pause Spotify to listen to the other source then I can't hear anything (any audio from any source) else from either my Macbook or any other device connected to my headphones.  When I resume Spotify then Spotify continues to play normally.


If I close Spotify, I still can not listen to any other source of audio (still coming from my Macbook but say you tube for example) until I disconnect my headphones and re-connect.

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Hey @stevegc!


Thanks for reaching out to the community.


This issue is a little weird as you have said it still occurs even when Spotify is closed. This could mean there is a fault in either your MacOS, have you tried resetting your NVRAM? Have a look at Apple's article on how to do this here.


If that does not solve the issue could you try a reinstall of Spotify? Also, make sure your MacOS is up to date.



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