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Major issues immediately after update

Major issues immediately after update






Macbook Pro early 2015)

Operating System

macOS Sierra 10.12.6


My Question or Issue

Immediately after updating the desktop app I have encountered several issues making it unusable.


50% of the time I get a black screen and nothing happens.


If the app does load properly, I can browse, search and view playlists as normal. But as soon as I play a song:

- the album art, song title & artist do not update (it is stuck on something I played long before updating)

- the play/pause & skip track buttons do not function

- keyboard shortcuts and media keys do not function

- progress bar is stuck at 0:00

- trying to browse or view playlists no longer works and only shows a black screen

- the only way to quit Spotify is to Force Quit


I have tried reinstalling.

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Hi there, welcome to the Spotify Community!


Let's try to troubleshoot this issue with you.

First of all, please try a clean reinstallation. This can resolve many common issues.

If you're still having trouble after a reinstall, please let me know.

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I have the same problem, and when I try to clean install - the folders that I am suppose to delete, are not there. So I assume they do not exist.


Tried reinstalling, does not work.

Also having exactely the same problems as described by the op


Update: Clean install has fixed this, can only think something in the updated causes files to corrupt.


I have the same problem, I even dug into my cashed files and deleted com.spotify.client, I restarted my computer, deleted the app and reinstalled it, and basically tried everything, but the minute I click away from the first song, the entire app freezes up or it just goes dark when I start it up. Also, my key controls (pause, skip, replay), do not work at all, this is very aggrivating, any way to fix it yet??

I am also having this issue. I have found it also happens on my android phone. Testing using the chrom web player. It seems completely fine. The phone keeps up with all the new songs chosen on the web browser. When I tried to chose a new song on the phone the phone had this issue again but the web player was still free. 

For me, this issue was fixed by deleting Spotify's settings folder (which normally will remain on your computer if you just delete & reinstall the app itself).


What you have to do is delete (or rename) the "Library/Application Support/Spotify" folder under your home folder. It will be recreated upon app launch, but the app's preferences such as streaming quality, autoplay, etc. will be lost and need to be set again.


That worked for me too! Thanks

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