Making playlists using albums


Making playlists using albums


Can I just toss the whole album in one action into a playlist and then go back later and remove the one or two songs on the playlist I don't want?
Also, can I reorder songs on a playlist? Shuffle is fine but, I also like the order I DJ'd for most circumstance. 
I'm the first mixed tape generation. Although, we did not call it that or mixtape or mix tape. 😕

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Re: Making playlists using albums

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Hi z2000z! 🙂
Yes, you can add an album to a playlist in one shot. Also, playlists are modifiable for reordering/deleting out any tracks you don't want - one at a time or by highlighting multiples.
This is all easiest to do on the desktop app (the web player verson does not allow for track reordering as far as I know.) You can also add full albums to playlists on mobile devices. This is done on an individual album page when you expand the list of options.

Let me know if you have any other questions. 🙂

- Bethany

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Re: Making playlists using albums

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Yes, you can put an entire album onto a playlist without adding them one by one.  Very helpful with albums with a lot of songs you like.  On the mobile version you just have to go to the album you want to add and click the button in the top right corner and then "Add to playlist".  Then just manually remove the songs you don't want on your playlist.  


As for ordering the songs in a certain way, I know you can click and drag each song into the correct order you want.