Music Jumps/skips likes it is a scratched CD. Every 10secs or so...


Music Jumps/skips likes it is a scratched CD. Every 10secs or so...


Hi...just downloaded and paid up to Spotify far everything looking ok except when I play any song it skips constantly...every 10secs or a scratched CD...internet conection is decent so I have no idea what is going on. I am using a Mac. Obviously if I wasnt paying I wouldnt complain but paying for premium this should not happen, Open to ideas suggestions, help advice, Many thanks...


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I was having the same problem on OSX 10/ desktop. I had already turned off gapless playback & mixing & had high quality streaming turned off.


What worked for me was going to advanced & switching to 'no proxy'

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You might want to pop over to the Spotify preferences menu (Spotify > Preferences) and see what settings you have turned on under "Playback". If you have both Crossfade and Gapless playback turned on, try turning them both off temporarily. How does playback sound now?
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This is happening to me as well but on a PC.  Crossfade tracks was off but gapless playback was on.  I tried turning both off and on and it fixed nothing.  Every track i play skips like a scratched disc every 10 seconds or so.  Why is it that paying money for an upgrade degrades the quality of the software?  I only bought this subscription for mobile access.  Instantly regretting it.

On a PC, you might want to try turning off the "Enable Hardware Acceleration" setting in your Preferences menu.
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I've turned off the hardware acceleration, gapless, and crossfade and it does not fix it. I'm sure glad i'm paying 10 bucks a month for a service that only works correctly on my phone. Smiley Frustrated


I've tried changing "enable hardware acceleration", this did not fix the issue.  I'm on a Windows 7 x64 bit.


yeah, same problem, win 7 CP, 64 bit.  sucks thoroughly




I started getting this problem today and thanks to this topic found the Preferences page Smiley Wink


I have resolved the issue for myself by signing out of Facebook in the Prefrences page.






Uh, that definitely did nothing. 


This problem happens when i playback Spotify on my Windows PC, but does not happen if i play Spotify music through my Sonos system. If i did not have Sonos i would cancel my Spotify subscription because it is totally unacceptable to try listen to music with these continual skips/jumps happening every approx 30 seconds like a scratch on an LP record. Maybe the problem is with my wireless modem's  internet speed connection that my PC has which is not fast/strong enough to  handle Spotify without skips/jumps???

I highly recommend that Spotify provide an answer to this problem so that their customers can know how to fix the situation.....otherwise Spotify will just lose those customers


Has anyone solved this issue?


My understanding is that there are a number of theories but no definite solution has yet been given by Spotify...which is an absurd situation for us to be in. I get around the problem by only listening to my music through my Sonos system and not my computer. So i use my computer to set up all my Spotify playlists but then switch over to play Spotify through my Sonos system and not my PC, which is perfect and also gives a much better quality of hi-fi sound no jump/skip problems. If i did not have a Sonos system i would have cancelled my Spotify subscription long ago because you cannot listen to the music via your PC with it skipping the way it does every few times for most is rediculious that Spotify have not gone out of their way to find a solution because they must be losing heaps of customers because of this issue


I actually got it fixed by disconnecting my account from Facebook in the preferences menu.  It's tentative though, so I'll see how it goes throughout the day to see if the problem persists.  So far, if it's not fixed, then its substatially reduced.


Very interesting. It could be something interesting and weird like you suggest. Could you please give us an update after you have tried this out for a period of time. Personally i have given up until someone works out the solution that works all the time.


I no longer use my computer to play my music on Spotify. Instead i have bought a Sonos system that automatically links up with Spotify and i use my Sonos modem box to connect to a DAC using a coaxial cable and then connect the DAC with analog cables to my Hi-Fi AMP. I can then either listen to the music through my hi-fi speakers or my headphones that connects to my hi-fi headphone jack on my AMP.I then control all my Spotify music using my smart phone as the remote because it has the Sonos app on the phone. This set up works 100% and also provides a much better quality of hi-fi sound than if you tried playing Spotify music via your computer using a USB connection or using headphones connected to you computer. The only time i log onto Spotify on my computer is to search for new music and create or edit my playlists. But once that is done i then close Spotify on my computer and switch over to using my Sonos system with my mobile phone as the remote to play my Spotify music. I highly recommend this set up to play Spotify music because there is no skipping and the quality of the hi-fi sound if far superior and it is much more practical using the phone as a remote........and also you can switch your computer off and you don't need to have the sound of your computer fan making a noise in the background while you want to listen to your music without headphones. The only problem you have is you need to buy a Sonos system, but it is not expensive and well worth getting. Also you don't have to use a DAC and you can just join the Sonos box directly to an AMP using standard analog cables, but i would highly recommend using a DAC to join the Sonos box to the AMP.......this will give you audiofile quality hi-fi sound rather than just getting louder amplification. The DAC gives you quality of sound just like a good sound card does on a computer. There are some excellent inexpensive DAC's around like the Musical Fidelity V-DAC which costs only a few hundred $.

I agree at the end of the day, it is the music that counts, but it is a big bonus if you can also play your music with a quality hi-fi sound.............and in particular without any skipping or the sound of your computer fan in the background.

Hope all this was informative....


oh my god this is the most irritating thing in the world!! it happens about every 10 seconds, just like you guys said. i'm playing mine from downloaded playlists though (i have premium) and playing in offline mode which makes even LESS sense..i could see if it was a problem with internet connection but no..the files are directly on my phone. i JUST got done dealing with another equally annoying issue where my downloaded playlists would continually (every day) de sync from my phone, which was  happening for months. literally i just got this fixed today and now this....i really loved spotify when i first got it but now i wish they would give me back all the time i've wasted searching support threads and emailing customer support people. really really REALLY fed up with spotify at this point..i tried the logging out of spotify thing and the crossfade thing, but nothing. SO FRUSTRATED


Any answer on this, Spotify?  I can't listen to a single track on your service.  Constant skipping, like a scratched CD.  A few more days of this and I'm done.  I'm on a Droid RAZR and have tried turning off gapless playback, etc...nothing has helped. 


Same Issue. It only goes away for me if I play songs from my Starred or Available Offline playlists. Once they are store on my computer or iPod, the playback is fine. It's purely a streaming issue, and it's ridiculous. I'm sure than 40 megs down and a i7 quad core mac is plenty to handle an application like Spotify. 


Nevermind. Happening in all offline content less than two weeks old. Have the files themselves become currupt in the past couple of weeks?


@sr20fd3st wrote:

Nevermind. Happening in all offline content less than two weeks old. Have the files themselves become currupt in the past couple of weeks?



Might well be a corruption in the files, have you tried unsyncing them then running a reinstall?


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Another update: Offline songs from Spotify play just fine. Streaming songs and songs playing from my local HD skip. Playing the local files from iTunes revealed that they are just fine.

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